Saturday, December 19, 2009

The story behind the picture=).

In July 2008, my husband and I met our neighbor, Steve (who lives to the northwest of us) at our local Hospital. Being business minded, we gave him our business card. Which, at the time, was a picture of our farm (from the north) the month we bought it in 2004). After chatting awhile we were on our way.

On the afternoon of August 5th 2008, we had enjoyed a sizable thunderstorm from the comfort of our covered porch with our excited children noisily scurrying about. When it had finished, Jeff and I, slipped indoors to discuss (what we thought were) important financial matters at our dinning room table. We were well into the conversation, (pigs eat tons of feed and we were wringing hands over the costs because the money was quickly running out) when Anne Marie came running in all excited saying; "Mommy you've got to see these awesome rainbows, they're so bright!!" Both Jeff and I told her it would have to wait, we needed to finish our discussion. With that she left, and we continued to fret with no real solution show for it. We never did take the time to see those "awesome" rainbows.

The next morning when I checked my email there was only one email from Steve. The subject line was; "this must be that Heaven thing. . .. " in the body of the email opened this photo along with several others; the rainbows where literally hitting the house on the dinning room roof (right above where the table would be) and the second rainbow was hitting the hogs pasture (right where the source of worry lay).

We took this as a sign that "all is well and right in our neighborhood and we should stop worrying. We should take the time to enjoy the beauty of our farm and the wonder of it all when viewed by a child" these other matters of concern are in the hands of much Higher Authority.

I still needlessly worry (but not as much) and I will never forget what I was doing the day that picture was taken and the beautiful message of hope that poured down from the Heavens above! This is why we say: "Angel Acres Farm; Where Heaven Meats Earth". We use this picture because it is our hope in a visual form.

(The tag line: "Where Heaven Meats Earth" is the brain child of my eldest daughter. She came up with it months before it was made a visual reality from heaven in the form of double rainbows.)

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